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Hugo Villanova is a DJ, Producer and Remixer based in Lisbon, Portugal.

In recent explosion of talent and DJs that the music industry has seen in recent years.

As a result there are very few that can show a solid and extensive career.

Hugo Villanova has cultivated throughout his career several successes.

As a result, there are few DJs who can actually attest the kind of dedication to quality.

Something that Hugo Villanova has defended stoutly.

More than an artist, he has been a leader.

An experienced producer with his own style.

Hugo Villanova has defended over its own unique breed of electronic music.

More than any other, not following genres or trends but what he has in his soul.

As a result this has made him see his music being played countless times by DJs radios and even television.

With a discography that currently has more than 30 original singles as a result published in numerous national and international record labels.

As a result worked with some of the best national artists, getting to be in every radio nationally.

He is also the founder of DIFF Records, as a result he released 50 songs.

In 2021 he started Diff Devices, a company to develop max for live devices.

As a result already release his first plugin, called Aspect.

Diff Records

Hugo Villanova


Hugo Villanova has unveiled his long awaited full-length studio album Metamorphosis, out 12th February 2021 on his own Diff Records label. Metamorphosis is a personal release, with Hugo Villanova describing the LP as a ‘Smooth House’, offering a therapeutic release that enabled a more positive headspace.

All-in-one Analyser/Metering device for use in Ableton Live.

Clearly view your frequency spectrum of your audio and compare against 4 target curves representing popular music genres.
If your music spectrum is in the target that you selected, your music will sound great in every soundsystem.

– Spectrum Analyser with target curves. (EDM, POP, RNB and HIP-HOP)
– Displays Integrated LUFS, True Peak.
– Waveform Display with Horizontal and Vertical zoom.
– Loudness Targets
– Phase Correlation Meter
– Float window

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